Tieguanyin Oolong Teas

Superior Tieguanyin
Smooth and mildly smoky with good depth of flavor.

Tieguanyin: Spring 2019 Premium thumbnail

Also in the “one drop of dew” style (like the winter 2018), this batch is a notch milder overall.
Tieguanyin: Winter 2019 Premium
Noteworthy for its sweetness, this charcoal-baked batch is light in the “one drop of dew” style of the spring 2019 batch.
Tieguanyin: Winter 2019 Special Acquisition
Simply dubbed “Number 1 Tieguanyin” by its maker, this outstanding batch combines carefully grown zhen cong (original cultivar) leaves with masterful charcoal baking.
Tieguanyin: Winter 2020 Premium
Smoky and rich, the aromatic complexity of this batch is the result of multiple extremely labor-intensive charcoal bakes.