25 Teas Found

Alishan Wulong: Spring 2022 Premium
Bright and chlorophyllic, this gaoshan (high-elevation, over 1000 meters) tea is the greenest tea experience among the currently available Wulong teas.
Alishan Wulong: Winter 2021 Special Acquisition
This batch is my first ever bug-bitten Alishan wulong.
Alishan Wulong: Winter 2022 Premium
Rich and smooth, this tea has benefitted from a little more charcoal baking than the Spring 2022 batch.
Baozhong: Spring 2022 Premium
Bright aromatic notes and a light, clear flavor: basically everything you would expect in a classic spring Wenshan baozhong.
Baozhong: Winter 2022 Premium
Boluomi: Spring 2022 Premium
Skilled charcoal baking has made this tea both rich and smooth, with a substantial baked pineapple flavor and aroma.
Boluomi: Winter 2022 Premium
With a creamy winter texture and delicious aromatic flavors that hint at spring, this conventionally-baked tea is a great one to have on hand as a new season unfolds.
Dayuling Wulong: Spring 2022 Special Acquisition
Grown in the highest-elevation tea region in Taiwan (about 2800 meters), Dayuling tea consistently provides a true high-end tea experience with excellent complexity and flavors influenced by comparatively austere growing conditions.
Foshou: Winter 2021 Premium
This is one for the connoisseur.
Hongyu Black Tea: Special Acquisition
Full and sweet, a delicious tea from the Riyuetan (Sun Moon Lake) region in central Taiwan.
Joongjak Ssanggye 2023
The latest fresh spring batch from tried-and-true producer Ssanggye.
Lishan Wulong: Spring 2022 Special Acquisition
Grown at high elevation (1700-2500 meters) on Taiwan’s Lishan mountain range, a region famous for producing excellent fruit as well as tea.
Meizhan: Spring 2022 Premium
This charcoal-baked batch has a distinctive baked-fruit aroma from the wet leaves.

Saejak Goryeo 2023 thumbnail

A fresh batch of handmade tea from Goryeo tea farm.
Shuixian: Spring 2022 Premium
Smoky and dry, but at the same time refined and light.
Shuixian: Winter 2021 Premium
A broad flavor and creamy texture give this charcoal-baked tea some traditional winter tea characteristics.
Superior Baihao
This tea is a great value, with a malty, fruit flavor and robust color in the cup.
Superior Baozhong
Bright floral aroma and smooth, mild flavor.
Superior Tieguanyin
Smooth and mildly smoky with good depth of flavor.
Superior Wulong
An easy-drinking tea with good balance between the first floral notes and low-key, mildly dry finish.
Tieguanyin: Spring 2022 Premium
In the “one drop of dew” style (a term coined by the tea maker), this charcoal-baked batch develops a rich color and refined, but not too heavy, smoky-sweet flavor.
Tieguanyin: Winter 2021 Premium
A big-flavored, charcoal-baked batch that quickly develops color and flavor.
Tieguanyin: Winter 2022 Premium

Woojeon Goryeo 2023 thumbnail

My best green tea acquisition of the season.
Woojeon Hongcha Goryeo 2023
Woojeon-grade leaves processed into a black tea by the same producer as the Woojeon green tea.