17 Teaware Items Found

Ceramic Strainer
Two-piece set includes a ceramic strainer and and stand with flower petal design in relief.
No. 1417     $11.25

Dingyao Aroma Cup thumbnail

Unadorned white matte finish.
Double-walled glass chahai
Double-walled construction allows the chahai to be handled when full of hot tea and insulates to keep tea hot longer.
No. 1409     $15.50

Flowered aroma cup thumbnail

Blue and pink flowers on exterior, blue line around inside lip.
Formosan Cypress Chapan
This piece is made from salvaged Formosan cypress (Chamaecyparis formosensis), an endangered native tree favored for its stability, rot resistance, and pleasant aroma.
No. 1389     $345.00

Glass Gaiwan thumbnail

See the color of the tea as it brews.
No. 1341     $29.00

Huaxing Aroma Cup thumbnail

Blue flower design over white pattern.

Huaxing Teacup thumbnail

Medium-sized footed cup; matching small paired cups also available.
No. 1255     $6.00

Incised Shuifang thumbnail

Irregular shape with incising; Temmoku-glazed stoneware.
No. 1363     $65.00

Jinhuang aroma cup thumbnail

Shapely, finely made cups with white interiors; solid "golden yellow" exteriors.

Lanhua Teacup thumbnail

Medium-sized cup with flat white finish.

Paired Fish aroma cup thumbnail

Pair of fish on outside of each cup, and in the bottom of the drinking cup.
Standard Gaiwan
Well-made, true-white gaiwan in standard shape.
No. 1403     $32.00
Tall Glass Chahai
Handled chahai with subtle curves and nearly a two-cup capacity.
No. 1359     $16.50

Tang Motif Teacup thumbnail

Irregular white fill forms Tang dynasty design in reverse.
No. 1332     $6.00
Teacup Trays
Teacup tray designed to hold an aroma/drinking cup pair.

Zhuni Aroma Cup thumbnail

Red clay exterior, white interior.