25 Oolong Teas


Alishan Wulong: Spring 2019 Premium thumbnail

The fine aromatic balance from charcoal-baking lingers in the aroma cup, and the finish is very even and just a little bit dry.

Alishan Wulong: Winter 2019 Premium thumbnail

Although this gaoshan tea is charcoal-baked, you would never guess so from the light flavor and complex aroma.

Alishan Wulong: Winter 2020 Premium thumbnail


Baozhong: Spring 2018 Special Acquisition thumbnail

This charcoal baked tea is very much a textural experience, in contrast with the floral emphasis of conventional baozhong.
Baozhong: Spring 2021 Premium
First arrival of the lockdown-delayed spring 2021 Taiwanese teas.
Baozhong: Winter 2019 Premium
Like spring tea in winter, this batch is floral, light, and smooth with a crisp finish.

Baozhong: Winter 2020 Premium thumbnail


Boluomi: Spring 2019 Premium thumbnail

Charcoal-baked with a sweet finish, this broad and smooth tea is very pleasant on a hot summer day.
Boluomi: Winter 2019 Premium
Very lightly charcoal-baked, this batch has the creamy texture and finish often associated with winter tea, making it a nice contrast with the bright and floral baozhong from the same season.

Dayuling Wulong: Winter 2019 Special Acquisition thumbnail

Grown in the highest-elevation tea region in Taiwan (about 2800 meters), Dayuling tea consistently provides a true high-end tea experience with excellent complexity and flavors influenced by comparatively austere growing conditions.

Foshou: Spring 2019 Premium thumbnail

Smooth and dry but not heavy, this charcoal-baked batch has great food pairing potential.

Foshou: Winter 2018 Special Acquisition thumbnail

Charcoal-baked yet delicate, this batch nearly dispenses with the dry finish usually associated with foshou tea.

Foshou: Winter 2019 Premium thumbnail

Lishan Wulong: Spring 2020 Special Acquisition
Grown at high elevation (1700-2500 meters) on Taiwan’s Lishan mountain range, a region famous for producing excellent fruit as well as tea.

Meizhan: Winter 2019 Premium thumbnail

A new charcoal-baked batch is in stock! Last acquired in spring 2018, this one has a weighty, baked-fruit flavor and what strikes me as a port-wine aroma.
Shuixian: Winter 2019 Premium
This is the boldest-flavored tea of the season, and quickly brews to a rich color.

Shuixian: Winter 2020 Premium thumbnail


Superior Baihao thumbnail

This tea is a great value, with a malty, rich fruit flavor and robust color in the cup.
Superior Baozhong
Bright floral aroma and smooth, mild flavor.
Superior Tieguanyin
Smooth and mildly smoky with good depth of flavor.
Superior Wulong
An easy-drinking tea with good balance between the first floral notes and low-key, mildly dry finish.

Tieguanyin: Spring 2019 Premium thumbnail

Also in the “one drop of dew” style (like the winter 2018), this batch is a notch milder overall.
Tieguanyin: Winter 2019 Premium
Noteworthy for its sweetness, this charcoal-baked batch is light in the “one drop of dew” style of the spring 2019 batch.
Tieguanyin: Winter 2019 Special Acquisition
Simply dubbed “Number 1 Tieguanyin” by its maker, this outstanding batch combines carefully grown zhen cong (original cultivar) leaves with masterful charcoal baking.
Tieguanyin: Winter 2020 Premium
Smoky and rich, the aromatic complexity of this batch is the result of multiple extremely labor-intensive charcoal bakes.