6 “Pinglin (Wenshan)” Teas Found

Baozhong: Spring 2022 Premium
Bright aromatic notes and a light, clear flavor: basically everything you would expect in a classic spring Wenshan baozhong.
Baozhong: Winter 2022 Premium
Boluomi: Spring 2022 Premium
Skilled charcoal baking has made this tea both rich and smooth, with a substantial baked pineapple flavor and aroma.
Boluomi: Winter 2022 Premium
With a creamy winter texture and delicious aromatic flavors that hint at spring, this conventionally-baked tea is a great one to have on hand as a new season unfolds.
Meizhan: Spring 2022 Premium
This charcoal-baked batch has a distinctive baked-fruit aroma from the wet leaves.
Superior Baozhong
Bright floral aroma and smooth, mild flavor.