2022 Spring Taiwanese Oolongs
2021 Winter Taiwanese Oolongs
Summer Tea: Hongyu & Baihao
Korean Tea
2021 Spring Taiwanese Oolongs
Meizhan: Spring 2022 Premium
This charcoal-baked batch has a distinctive baked-fruit aroma from the wet leaves.
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Putao Songshu Teapot
Grape and squirrel (putao songsu) teapot with fine detail work around spout, handle, and lid.
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Lishan Wulong: Spring 2022 Special Acquisition
Grown at high elevation (1700-2500 meters) on Taiwan’s Lishan mountain range, a region famous for producing excellent fruit as well as tea.
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Dayuling Wulong: Spring 2022 Special Acquisition
Grown in the highest-elevation tea region in Taiwan (about 2800 meters), Dayuling tea consistently provides a true high-end tea experience with excellent complexity and flavors influenced by comparatively austere growing conditions.
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