8 “Spring” “2022” “Taiwan” Teas Found

Alishan Wulong: Spring 2022 Premium
Bright and chlorophyllic, this gaoshan (high-elevation, over 1000 meters) tea is the greenest tea experience among the currently available Wulong teas.
Baozhong: Spring 2022 Premium
Bright aromatic notes and a light, clear flavor: basically everything you would expect in a classic spring Wenshan baozhong.
Boluomi: Spring 2022 Premium
Skilled charcoal baking has made this tea both rich and smooth, with a substantial baked pineapple flavor and aroma.
Dayuling Wulong: Spring 2022 Special Acquisition
Grown in the highest-elevation tea region in Taiwan (about 2800 meters), Dayuling tea consistently provides a true high-end tea experience with excellent complexity and flavors influenced by comparatively austere growing conditions.
Lishan Wulong: Spring 2022 Special Acquisition
Grown at high elevation (1700-2500 meters) on Taiwan’s Lishan mountain range, a region famous for producing excellent fruit as well as tea.
Meizhan: Spring 2022 Premium
This charcoal-baked batch has a distinctive baked-fruit aroma from the wet leaves.
Shuixian: Spring 2022 Premium
Smoky and dry, but at the same time refined and light.
Tieguanyin: Spring 2022 Premium
In the “one drop of dew” style (a term coined by the tea maker), this charcoal-baked batch develops a rich color and refined, but not too heavy, smoky-sweet flavor.