7 “Taiwan” Teaware Items Found

Double-walled glass chahai
Double-walled construction allows the chahai to be handled when full of hot tea and insulates to keep tea hot longer.
No. 1409     $15.50
Formosan Cypress Chapan
This piece is made from salvaged Formosan cypress (Chamaecyparis formosensis), an endangered native tree favored for its stability, rot resistance, and pleasant aroma.
No. 1389     $325.00

Huaxing Aroma Cup thumbnail

Blue flower design over white pattern.

Lanhua Teacup thumbnail

Medium-sized cup with flat white finish.
Standard Gaiwan
Well-made, true-white gaiwan in standard shape.
No. 1403     $32.00
Stone Chapan
Many areas in Taiwan are known for their local stone.
No. 1394     $300.00
Tall Glass Chahai
Handled chahai with subtle curves and nearly a two-cup capacity.
No. 1359     $16.50