17 “Premium” Teas Found


Alishan Wulong: Spring 2019 Premium thumbnail

The fine aromatic balance from charcoal-baking lingers in the aroma cup, and the finish is very even and just a little bit dry.

Alishan Wulong: Winter 2019 Premium thumbnail

Although this gaoshan tea is charcoal-baked, you would never guess so from the light flavor and complex aroma.

Alishan Wulong: Winter 2020 Premium thumbnail


Baozhong: Spring 2018 Special Acquisition thumbnail

This charcoal baked tea is very much a textural experience, in contrast with the floral emphasis of conventional baozhong.
Baozhong: Spring 2021 Premium
First arrival of the lockdown-delayed spring 2021 Taiwanese teas.
Baozhong: Winter 2019 Premium
Like spring tea in winter, this batch is floral, light, and smooth with a crisp finish.

Baozhong: Winter 2020 Premium thumbnail


Boluomi: Spring 2019 Premium thumbnail

Charcoal-baked with a sweet finish, this broad and smooth tea is very pleasant on a hot summer day.
Boluomi: Winter 2019 Premium
Very lightly charcoal-baked, this batch has the creamy texture and finish often associated with winter tea, making it a nice contrast with the bright and floral baozhong from the same season.

Foshou: Spring 2019 Premium thumbnail

Smooth and dry but not heavy, this charcoal-baked batch has great food pairing potential.

Foshou: Winter 2019 Premium thumbnail


Meizhan: Winter 2019 Premium thumbnail

A new charcoal-baked batch is in stock! Last acquired in spring 2018, this one has a weighty, baked-fruit flavor and what strikes me as a port-wine aroma.
Shuixian: Winter 2019 Premium
This is the boldest-flavored tea of the season, and quickly brews to a rich color.

Shuixian: Winter 2020 Premium thumbnail


Tieguanyin: Spring 2019 Premium thumbnail

Also in the “one drop of dew” style (like the winter 2018), this batch is a notch milder overall.
Tieguanyin: Winter 2019 Premium
Noteworthy for its sweetness, this charcoal-baked batch is light in the “one drop of dew” style of the spring 2019 batch.
Tieguanyin: Winter 2020 Premium
Smoky and rich, the aromatic complexity of this batch is the result of multiple extremely labor-intensive charcoal bakes.